In the world of film comedies, it's little secret that even some of the biggest budget ones are horrible! One often wonders just how is it possible for studio execs to greenlight a project that looks bad in its script form, and after production, acting, direction, and other things that may have bettered the troubled script, it only got worse!

Then there are the low-budget or "indie" comedies, many of which are not only self-indulgent, professing to be about something, but ultimately failing in being even the least bit funny, and perhaps even worse, succeeding only in boring the viewer!

Alas, the new film comedy, "THE BEDSTAND," is a welcome surprise. Not only does it work extremely well in its tale of mistaken identities and mistaken situations, but it leaves the viewer with only one question: What could this talent do with a "big" budget. 

The comedy revolves around an engaged couple spending the week watching the girl's parent's house. After having some pre-marital bliss in her parent's bed, a condom accidentally left on an antique bedstand, creates an easily identifiable and embarrassing imprint, setting a comical chain of events in motion that manages to continually achieve laughs, even when the predictable happens. 

Two inane thieves surveying the residential street around the house, during the film's opening credits sets up a lot of what is expected to happen. The writing is exceptional, and fairly witty. Co-writer/star Kim Waldauer achieves success in both talents here.  Sharing a passing resemblance to Julia Louis-Dreyfus, her character comes across as a slightly more neurotic, sexier "Elaine Benes"! But, then the whole cast is terrific. The film breezes through its brief running time, and never lulls.  While some of the wittier moments have "minor" setbacks, it's undeniably, obviously due to the budget and nothing else.  "THE BEDSTAND" achieves many laughs, and makes the strongest case of almost any other low-budget film we've seen in years,  these filmmakers deserve a "big" budget for their next film. HOLLYWOOD: GIVE IT TO THEM,(and for the sake of filmgoers needing something fresh and entertaining)GIVE IT TO THEM FAST!!!!