PARAMOUNT has released the entire first season of “SURVIVOR” on dvd in a boxed
set. “SURVIVOR: THE AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK,” has, arguably, the finest cast of
contestants. These individuals with strong personalities, stand out amongst one
another, making it easy to favor some and hate others.  There’s the old, crusty,
bigotted, Rudy, “extremely” gay Richard and more!  While it’s been four years
since this series began, even knowing the outcome, doesn’t diminish the
entertainment value of the series in this boxed set. It’s great fun!  While
there are numerous “Survivor”-inspired reality series, “SURVIVOR” is the best,
and this first season, offers a fine example as to why this is. In addition to
exciting weekly competitive challenges, the exotic locations, cinematography,
music, and more, all come together in making this “must watch-must own” dvd!

PARAMOUNT has preserved the show’s original 1.33:1 aspect ratio. Colors are
solid and often vibrant. There is exceptional detail throughout, and contrast is
nearly flawless! Fleshtones appear natural. There are no compression problems.

PARAMOUNT has provided a Dolby Digital Surround mix for this release.  While
there are moments of surround effects, interspersed here and there, most of the
separation is reserved for the series’ score. Dialogue is always intelligible
and free from distortion.

PARAMOUNT has included some extras for this release. A commentary track
featuring host, Jeff Probst, Gay Richard, Gervase Peterson and Rudy, is offered.
It’s a fun commentary, and well worth the listen, although fans of Rudy can
rightly assume he doesn’t have much to say.  There are three featurettes
offered, including a “LATE SHOW WITH DAVID LETTERMAN TOP TEN SKETCH” that is
short, but awfully funny!